The Double Service Guarantee™

The Double Service Guarantee™ is a summary of our business philosophy. It is a statement of the values that guide our actions, both internally and in dealing with customers and vendors.

Many businesses operate on an implicit philosophy, rather than one that is clearly identified and stated. I believe that an explicitly stated set of principles is imperative for business success. This allows the business to clearly identify its goals, as well as the means for achieving those goals.

Perhaps more importantly, this allows for short-term and long-term goals to be integrated. A business that focuses on the short-term will often engage in activities that are detrimental to its long-term goals. Not only is this destructive to the business, it can also be harmful to its customers.

Too many businesses (and the construction trades are infamous for this) view the customer as an antagonist. Rather than recognizing the mutual benefits involved, they seek to victimize their customers through dishonesty or deception. I believe that the best interests of any business are served by recognizing and meeting the best interests of its customers. In other words, the transaction between a business and a customer is mutually beneficial.

I have been in business for more than 24 years, an accomplishment that is possible only by treating customers honestly and fairly. It is an approach that has served me well in business, and in life.

Satisfy – meet the customer’s expectations
Exceed – exceed the customer’s expectations
Repeat Customers – seek to develop repeat customers
Value – provide superior value to the customer
Image – create an image of professionalism
Conscientiousness – do the best we are capable of doing
Excellence – never accept any less than excellent

Safety – create and maintain a safe working environment
Education – strive to educate ourselves and our customers
Responsibility – take responsibility for our actions
Veracity – always deal with customers and others honestly
Integrity – act according to the principles of our guarantee
Character – strive to create a character of high repute
Esteem – take pride in our work