Celebrating a milestone

This year marks Philpaint’s 25th year in business. Since starting in 1986 our business and the world have undergone considerable changes.

When we started we were a part-time pressure washing company operating out of a spare bedroom. Today we are a full-service paint contracting company that has been operating out of the same location since 1991. (We did move to a new suite in the same building last year.)

The company’s first marketing materials consisted of home-made fliers created on a typewriter with hand drawn illustrations. With today’s technology (and the ease of hiring designers) professional marketing materials are easily created and produced. Changes in technology have had other impacts as well.

The most obvious advance in technology since 1986 is the Internet. When we launched our first web site in 1996 we were one of the first painting companies in the country to do so. Today, our site allows us to educate clients at any hour of the day. And of course, email has made communications faster and more convenient.

As I read this on my 18 inch flat screen monitor, I am reminded of the Apple Macintosh I purchased shortly after starting the business. I no longer recall the exact specifications, but the screen measured something like a whopping 6 inches and the processor speed was likely measured in kilohertz. My “accounting” software consisted of a crude spreadsheet that did little more than track cash flow. Today we use the latest version of QuickBooks.

Personally, my knowledge of both the painting industry and general business practices has expanded greatly. Today I am recognized as an industry expert in creating business systems, and regularly give workshops and give interviews to trade magazines.

I would like to thank our many loyal customers who have played such an important part in our success. In an industry in which 90 percent of new companies fail within 5 years, I am very proud to be celebrating 25 years in business. And I look forward to many more years of serving our customers.

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