Painting Exteriors in the Winter

In Houston, we can paint exteriors every month of the year. The real concerns when painting exteriors is temperature and moisture. Most of the exterior products that we use can be applied down to 35 degrees. Since we seldom get that cold, temperature is rarely an issue for the paint. (The painters are a different issue.)

However, at cooler temperatures the paint will not dry as quickly, and this slows further when the humidity is high. In this regard, temperature can be a concern.

Another issue is the dew point. We have experienced situations in which excessive moisture has accumulated on a painted surface overnight. Even though the surface of the paint was dry when we left the job, the moisture re-wetted the paint.

During the winter we are much more cognizant of the weather, since we have more than one concern. But with a few extra precautions and a conservative approach, we can paint exteriors year round.

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