Drywall Repairs

After a drywall repair, it is often difficult to make the repaired area look like the adjoining surfaces. The most common problem is matching the texture.

Virtually every drywall surface has some level of texture, even if it is only a “stipple” from the paint roller. Often, when a repair is made, the repaired area will be flatter than adjoining surfaces. Because texture causes light to reflect differently, the repair may be very visible, particularly from an angle. If this is the case, adding a little texture to the surface will improve the appearance.

Another problem can be the sheen of the paint. Paints with much sheen generally do not touch up well. The method used for applying paint will have a significant impact on the final sheen of a paint. If the wall was painted with a roller (most likely), and the touch up was done with a brush, the sheens could be different. Again, this will be most evident when viewed from an angle. If this is the case, repainting the entire wall will likely eliminate the problem.


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